Fifteen Hollen St

 I was commissioned to design an art piece for the lobby for the Fifteen Hollen Street project, a new block of apartments in Soho. 

As I meandered down the streets, it was a great opportunity to delve deep into the history of Soho. I became much more aware of remnants of the past... old signs, cobbled streets, spouts on windows.. so many stories waiting to be told. 

Collaborating with the architects, builders and property developers who commissioned the project,  I developed my idea and worked with my fabricators to bring it to life. 

The idea was to have a fourteen meter long brass ribbon which looked like gold. The start of the ribbon would be a thick slab which could be sat on, the ribbon would then twist in and out of the walls getting increasingly thinner and beaten until it was beaten to gold leaf just microns thick.

We annealed the metal to make it more malleable, and beat it using large mallets.  We applied a patina to bring out beautiful colours and textures in the brass. 

Sample tests to work out textures and techniques.


The end section of the ribbon where it turns into gold leaf.