Made by Works & Christie's

The Works Collective have been busy creating a display for Chrisite’s window in South Kensington entitled  20 LIONS –  Made by WORKSThis installation embodies our collective’s philosophy of individuality and equality.  Each member will create a preparatory sketch and a sculpture of a lion in our chosen medium – resulting in a series of highly unique, yet cohesive objects. Each Lion will be signed and share pride of place in the installation which will run during London Design Festival. We will hold an auction of the ‘secret’ lions and preparatory sketches at the end of the festival.

blog lion 3.jpg
blog lion 1.jpg
blog lion 4.jpg

My lion is made up of six pebble-like parts which build up the form. Each part was cast from a fabric mold, which gave a beautiful textured finish with visible stitching at the seams. 

blog lion 2.jpg