RCA Paradise in Milan

Presenting my newest project ‘BLO’ at RCA Paradise in this years Milan design fair.

See you there - lets hope for good weather.



The blowing iron, a tool used to blow air into glass, has remained unchanged for centuries.This project has pushed the development of the blowing iron, creating new possibilities in the way the tool can be used and what it can produce. With the new blowing tool multiple lung-like atriums can be blown at once. The tool becomes an extension of the blowers lungs.

Once the glass leaves the kiln it is reunited with the tool that blew it. The tool now works as a stand for the glass, which is illuminated to create an ambient light source. 

Photos from the show . . .

Sam Weller, Petter Thorne   and Nic Wallenberg's  Making Money in Milan  project.

Sam Weller, Petter Thorne and Nic Wallenberg's Making Money in Milan project.